Cryptogirl.store an homage to the Crypto Girl NFTs, enabling the greater crypto community to pick up there very own Crypto Girl in the form of Poster Prints and other merch.  

What is Crypto Girl?

Crypto Girl is a series of 50 Crypto Currencies and Tokens artistically characterized and minted as NFTs to give the Crypto Community a united character.

2021 sees Crypto Girl launch with arguably the most notable Crypto Currencies and Tokens that have been popularized by the Crypto community, the media and of course, the Meme community. 

Each Crypto Girl is offered as an exclusive 1 of 1 NFT on Rarible.com/cgrl featuring bonus content for the owners of those NFTs. 

Series 1 release (#1-#5): July 12th 

Series 2 release (#6-#10): November 12th 

Series 3 release (#11-#50): March 12th 2022

    We look forward to sharing our Crypto Girl creations with you here on the Official and only Cryptogirl store.

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